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Version: Laravel: 4.x (current)

Modifying docs

The .scribe folder holds Scribe's intermediate output, allowing you to modify the data Scribe has extracted before it turns them into HTML. You can:

  • edit the endpoint YAML files (in .scribe/endpoints)
  • add more endpoints, following the example file at .scribe/endpoints/custom.0.yaml (see Custom endpoints)
  • edit the introduction and authentication sections (.scribe/ and .scribe/
  • append some content to the end of the docs (by adding a .scribe/ file)

When you make changes to this folder, Scribe will try to merge your changes into any information it extracts on future runs.


You can also use the aftergenerating() hook as an option for programmatically modify the docs' output once generation is finished.

If you don't want to wait for Scribe to extract from all your endpoints again. you can use the --no-extraction flag. With this, Scribe will skip extracting data about your API and use the data already present in the .scribe folder.

php artisan scribe:generate --no-extraction

If you change your mind and want to start afresh, you can pass the --force flag to discard your changes.

php artisan scribe:generate --force