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Version: Laravel: 4.x (current)

HTML helpers

Scribe supports Markdown (and, by extension, HTML) in a couple of places:

  • the description and intro_text in your config file
  • the endpoint title and description in docblocks
  • the group name and description in docblocks (@group)
  • parameter descriptions in docblocks

Scribe provides some custom HTML and CSS styling that you can use to highlight information in your docs:


The specific styling of these items will depend on your chosen theme. Examples are shown here using the default theme.


You can add badges by using the badge CSS class, along with one of the badge-{colour} classes.

<small class="badge badge-green">GET</small>
<small class="badge badge-darkred">REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION</small>

Available colours:

  • darkred
  • red
  • blue
  • darkblue
  • green
  • darkgreen
  • purple
  • black
  • grey

Notes and warnings

You can add little highlighted warnings and notes using the <aside> tag and either of the classes notice, warning, or success.

<aside class="warning">Don't do this.</aside>
<aside class="success">Do this.</aside>
<aside class="notice">You should know this.</aside>

If you don't specify a class, "notice" is assumed.

Fancy headings

You can help your lower-level headings stand out by using the fancy-heading-panel class:

<h4 class="fancy-heading-panel"><b>Body Parameters</b></h4>