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Version: Laravel: 4.x (current)


Scribe helps you generate API documentation for humans from your Laravel/Lumen/Dingo codebase. See a live example at


  • Useful output:
    • Pretty single-page HTML doc, with human-friendly text, code samples, and in-browser API tester ("Try It Out")
    • Generates Postman collection and OpenAPI spec
  • Smarts. Scribe can:
    • extract request parameter details from FormRequests or validation rules
    • safely call API endpoints to get sample responses
    • generate sample responses from Eloquent API Resources or Transformers
  • Customisable to different levels:
    • Customise the UI by adjusting text, ordering, examples, or change the UI itself
    • Add custom strategies to adjust how data is extracted
    • Statically define extra endpoints or information that isn't in your codebase
Quick links

Wondering where to start? Try one of these:

If you're coming from mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator, first migrate to v3`, then to v4.


Scribe helps you generate docs automatically, but if you really want to make friendly, maintainable and testable API docs, there's some more stuff you need to know. So I made a course for you.🤗



PHP 8.0 and Laravel/Lumen 8 or higher are required.

First, add the package via Composer:

composer require --dev knuckleswtf/scribe

Then complete the installation:

Publish the config file by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=scribe-config

This will create a scribe.php file in your config folder.

Alright, you're ready to start documenting! Follow the Getting Started guide to see what you can do with Scribe.