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Version: Node.js: 2.x (unmaintained)


Scribe helps you generate API documentation for humans from your Node.js codebase. See a live example at


  • Pretty single-page HTML doc, with human-friendly text, code samples, and included in-browser API tester ("Try It Out")
  • Safely calls API endpoints to get sample responses
  • Generates Postman collection and OpenAPI spec
  • Statically define extra endpoints that aren't in your codebase
Quick links

Wondering where to start? Try one of the getting started guides (Adonis, Express, Restify), or the v2 upgrade guide.


Scribe helps you generate docs automatically, but if you really want to make friendly, maintainable and testable API docs, there's some more stuff you need to know. So I made a course for you.🤗



Node.js 12.4.0 or higher is required.

Scribe currently supports three frameworks: AdonisJS v4, Express v4 and Restify v8.

Install with:

npm i @knuckleswtf/scribe-adonis

Then add the service provider to the aceProviders array in your start/app.js:

const aceProviders = [
'@knuckleswtf/scribe-adonis/providers/ScribeProvider', // <-- Add this

To generate your docs, run the Ace command scribe:generate:

node ace scribe:generate

See the Getting Started Guide for more.


Alright, you're ready to start documenting! Follow one of the getting started guides (Adonis, Express, Restify) to see what you can do with Scribe.