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Version: Node.js: 2.x (unmaintained)

Troubleshooting and Debugging

This page contains a few tips to help you figure out what's wrong when Scribe seems to be malfunctioning.

Update your version

First off, try updating your installed Scribe version. Maybe your problem is due to a bug we've fixed in a newer release. You can see a list of releases and major changes on the changelog.

  • To find the exact installed version, run npm list @knuckleswtf/scribe
  • To update to the latest version, run npm update @knuckleswtf/scribe.
  • To update to a specific version (example: 2.0.1), run npm install @knuckleswtf/scribe@2.0.1.

Use --verbose

By default, Scribe will try to keep going until it processes all routes and generates your docs. If it encounters any problems while processing a route (such as a missing @responseFile or some invalid configuration leading to an exception being thrown), it will output a warning and the exception message, then move on to the next route.

You can turn on debug messages and full stack traces with the --verbose flag:

npx scribe generate -a app.js --verbose