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Troubleshooting and Debugging

This page contains a few tips to help you figure out what's wrong when Scribe seems to be malfunctioning.

Update your version#

First off, try updating your installed Scribe version. Maybe your problem is due to a bug we've fixed in a newer release. You can see a list of releases and major changes on the changelog.

  • To find the exact installed version, run npm list @knuckleswtf/scribe
  • To update to the latest version, run npm update @knuckleswtf/scribe.
  • To update to a specific version (example: 2.0.1), run npm install @knuckleswtf/scribe@2.0.1.

Use --verbose#

By default, Scribe will try to keep going until it processes all routes and generates your docs. If it encounters any problems while processing a route (such as a missing @responseFile or some invalid configuration leading to an exception being thrown), it will output a warning and the exception message, then move on to the next route.

You can turn on debug messages and full stack traces with the --verbose flag:

npx scribe generate -a app.js --verbose